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Updated: Jan 26

In this section Cypress Foot and Ankle Expert Dr. Christopher Correa discusses arthritis. Foot and ankle arthritis can be age related, develop after trauma or even can develop due to an autoimmune disease. Generally speaking, arthritis occurs when the cartilage between two bones becomes worn leading to pain and sometimes deformity. This bone-on-bone interaction leads to increased bone formation around the joint and can sometimes cause the shape of the foot to become distorted. Over time the pain and loss of function of the joint can cause compensatory patterns in the gait pattern causing pain in other locations and joints around the arthritis joint. X rays are useful to determine the extent of joint destruction and can even identify joints that developing arthritis before they become symptomatic. Treatment of arthritis depends on the severity of the joint destruction.

Treatment for minor cases often times

Conservative care is designed to restrict motion of the painful joint and reduce pain with pharmacological and non-pharmacological methods. These methods can often types be successful in improve function and restoring activity. In more severe cases where conservative measures do not work then surgical procedures are available to fuse or replace the damaged joint. If you believe you are suffering from arthritis, make an appointment with the experts at Select Foot and Ankle Specialists today and take the first step towards recovery!

Foot bone arthritis

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