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Cash Prices

Medical care without insurance can be stressful. While we cannot calculate the exact price of your appointment with us beforehand, we can list some of our more common services.

Note: The prices listed below are representative of a small selection of the total services we offer. Additional products and services recommended by your doctor will incur a higher cost. This cost is not possible to calculate before the visit but at the patient's request upon seeing the doctor we can provided a good faith estimate of the total services at the time of visit prior to treatment. All patients who see the doctor will incur at minimum an evaluation charge for each office visit.


  • New Patient Evaluation - $150

  • Follow Up Patient Evaluation - $100


  • Foot X-Ray 3 images (per foot) - $50

  • Ankle X-Rays 3 images (per ankle) - $50

Commonly Recommended Items

  • Custom Orthotics - $400

  • Post Op Ingrown Dressing Kit - $45

Payments Accepted



Debit Cards                              Visa

Master Card                     Discover

American Express                   Flex


  • Ingrown Toenail Evaluation and Treatment with 1 follow up visit - $400

  • Wart Evaluation and Treatment with 1 follow up visit - $300

  • Steroid Injection - $100 each

  • Fiberglass Casting - $75 each

Heel pain

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